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"Xoma is both honored and committed to be a conduit for the PADS farming community and to always prioritize the carriers of ancient traditions that promote sustainable farming. From inclusion in the value-added production processes in which the farmers receive pay for the pulque they produce - as well as a share in the overall profits from our coop’s distillation operations - Xoma pledges to continue an inclusive production system, a unique, yet necessary initiative in the spirits industry."

- Anthony & Iacopo, Xoma Founders



Xoma works with 200 farmers to preserve their 2,000 year old heritage by

providing reliable income for their communities.


Xoma's farmers use traditional milpa farming that sustainably utilizes the land and excludes the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers.


Xoma is made from 100% pure aguamiel that undergoes natural fermentation to become pulque - a probiotic drink - before distillation. No cooking, smoking, grinding, or smashing involved.

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