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We ventured to the Mexican plateau where we met with the true heroes, the agave farmers (Tlachiqueros).

They were busy cultivating agave plants to harvest the agave's delicious sap called aguamiel (honey water). Every morning and evening they harvest this aguamiel, a sweet liquid that is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Next, they deposit it into fermentation tanks where it naturally ferments into a rich probiotic drink called pulque. The national demand of pulque is declining, thus putting the livelihood of the farming community at risk.  In their quest to maintain their traditional milpa farming methods and for new pulque-derived products, the PADS cooperative experimented distilling their traditional pulque to create “pulcatta”, a new agave spirit like none other in Mexico. And Xoma was born!

Xoma is made from 100% pure, unadulterated aguamiel that undergoes natural fermentation into a probiotic drink before distillation. No cooking, baking, smoking, grounding, smashing involved results in an incredibly smooth drink with notable floral tones. By drinking Xoma you are supporting a millennia-old tradition. Every sip of Xoma helps keep farmers on their land, maintains a heritage sustainable process, and fights climate change.

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